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The iPad Pro was announced in the recently Keynote speaches from Apple and the launch date has just passed. I've had the pleasure of the company of an iPad Pro in my hands for a while and I'm here to tell you my thoughts.

It's massive! the iPad Pro screen size is the same as two regular iPads stood side by side - Yet, the weight isn't as much as you might expect. After the size difference, the immediate thing I notice is the fantastic clarity you get from the screen. Never before have photos looked quite this good! The definition is brought to you courtesy of the retina display which is so detailed that it's impossible for the naked eye to see individual pixels. This is nothing new but, scaled up to this size screen, the clarity is nothing short of amazing!

The audio system is a massive improvement, too. Four speakers - one on each corner of the device create a dynamic sound which is very directional and fine-tuned to feed the right sounds back to the user. The frequency response is brilliant for such small speakers - much better than most laptops.

Multi-tasking just got easier with side-by-side apps on the screen enabling you to do a multitude of different things simultaneously like working on a document while FaceTiming a colleague.

On a trip to the shops over this last weekend, I popped in to the Apple store and had a play with the Apple Pencil. This device isn't available to buy as yet but I had the opportunity to try it out and to chat to an Apple member of staff about it. I had previously had concerns that resting the edge of my hand on the screen would somehow confuse the device but this turned out not to be the case. The device is extremely accurate allowing precise drwaing, sketching and handwriting directly to the page. The detail acheivable using Autosketch is amazing. The accuracy is just brilliant even at 100% but, to get the ultimate detail, I zoomed the page in as deep as I could, drew an object, and then zoomed back out to 100%. The effects you can create are endless. Plus, the battery life of the pencil is fantastic, too. There's a lightening connector on the end of the pencil - plug this into the dock port of the iPad for just 15-20 seconds and you'll get 40 minutes of use!

Add Apple's case with keyboard or the well-built alternative I tested from Logitech, and you almost have a Macbook. The look and feel of both cases are one of quality although the feel to the keyboard is different between the two - This would suggest it's worth trying each one out prior to purchasing as they're not cheap accessories.

So, is the price tag worth it? Well, I'd say it's a must if you need the abilty to design graphics to high detail. If you like drawing for fun, then this could be for you, too. It's also great for multi-tasking and watching movies on the go. So, it really depends what you use it for. If you just need a device to jump onto Facebook, then perhaps a smaller iPad would be better value but for the more serious user, the iPad Pro definately rules.


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Article by: Eddie Palmer
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