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What would happen to your data in the event of a daytime disaster?


If you use external hard disks as part of your backup plan, then it is important to remember that your backups must be taken off-site. This is done to protect against data loss through theft, fire or flood. However, many businesses are still at risk even if they take their backups home at night!

If your external hard disk backup is the only backup you do then it is also important to remember that, during the day, both your live data and your backed up data may reside in the same building - probably within inches of each other!

Consider the event of a fire during the working day. Every member of staff will leave the building immediately. Collecting a backup disk on the way out of the building will not only be the last thing on anyone's mind but may also be a risk to their life!


There are many aspects to our recommended backup solution including local and cloud-based elements. For local data backup processes, we recommend the use of three external hard disks in a 3-day rotation pattern. This plan makes lots of sense as it ensures that there is always a backup stored somewhere other than the office.

Backup disk rotation

Images for illustration purposes only and are not to scale - If you were to live that close to the office then you should consider walking. Also, for best security, please do not store external hard disks in your front garden.

Your Computer Department understands the difference between different company structures. We customise data backup plans to ensure that they are robust but also practical to use. Protect your business from data loss - get in touch NOW or call us on 0115 8240825.


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