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Windows 7 End Of Life

The end is near for Windows 7

You may remember back in 2014 when Microsoft declared that no further updates would be released for Windows XP. Malware developers quickly began to target all the remaining Windows XP computers. They knew that Microsoft would no longer correct any newly discovered software vulnerabilities in Windows XP. Therefore, their efforts were rewarded with some long-term chances of successfully infiltrating thousands of PCs across the globe. The business community grumbled but reluctantly replaced all Windows XP computers in order to remain compliant with data protection rules which state that you must take all reasonal steps to keep your data secure. Clearly, an easily hackable Windows XP computer now became an unacceptable high risk to data protection and continuing to run with it was no longer a justifiable option.

Skip forward to the present day, and we're having a little bit of deja vu. Windows 7 owners have until January next year to do exactly the same replacement excercise for all Windows 7 PCs. That's because Microsoft will stop providing security patches for Windows 7 in January 2020.

PC replacement cycles are usually 3-4 years within business environments. Therefore, it shouldn't come as too much of a shock to the majority of PC owners since very few Windows 7 PCs have been purchased within the last 4 years.

Windows 10 brings major improvements, though. One of the biggest benefits of Windows 10 Professional is that it comes with Microsoft's built-in encryption software - taking care of a major GDPR risk. Typically, if a hard disk is removed and connected to a different PC, then all the files on the hard disk are accessible - regardless of any Windows login passwords. This is clearly a massive risk to data security in the even that a desktop PC or laptop is stolen. With an encrypted hard disk, the situation is much safer. The thief would need to know a complex pair of password keys in order to unlock the data on the hard disk. It is important to note, however - Windows Home edition does NOT include this feature. Also, even with Windows 10 Professional, new PCs generally are not preconfigured with an encrypted hard disk so this needs to be part of the setup process for any new PC.

Here at Your Computer Department, we pride ourselves on making the transition from old to new as seemless as possible. We go to great lengths to make your new PC behave in the same way as your old PC. We set up your new PC, apply updates, configure encryption and a host of other features before it even gets to you. We then work with you to transfer your data and install the programs that you know and love. Once done, you'll have a fresh new PC and an environment like your old PC, but much better!

Time is running out - Talk to us about replacing your Windows 7 PC TODAY!

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Article by: Eddie Palmer
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