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So, Microsoft Office 365 - what's the fuss about?

Microsoft Office 365 gives you full email, contacts & calendar synchronisation across all your PCs laptops and mobile devices.

Not only that, but it offers mailbox delegation which allows staff to share access to mail, contacts & calendars. Imagine the scenario - Joe Bloggs is an engineer out on site doing a job when another call comes in to the office. Fred takes the call and without needing to call Joe, he can see that Joe has a slot in his diary. He tells the caller that Joe will be with them within the hour, adds the job to Joe's calendar, and even sets a popup reminder for Joe. Joe finishes his job, checks his diary and can immediately see the next job he needs to go to. Its the seamless technology like this that has boosted the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 because all of this happened without the requirement for an expensive file server in the office.

It doesn't stop there though - Your staff will hardly notice anything has changed apart from new features that are available to them. They'll still get to use their familiar Microsoft Outlook software so there's no learning curve to cope with.

Many companies are finding that their emails go astray.
The reasoning might be a suprise to them!

Are your emails finding their way into your clients' spam filters? More and more companies are finding this a problem and are starting to wonder why spam filters are getting it so wrong.

In fact, it is often the case that this symptom is due to the way the company conducts itself, the actions of its employees and also the actions of its contacts.

A single email will usually be inspected by several spam filters before it reaches its destination. If any one of these filters raises a question mark about the email then this specific email will usually end up being filtered out as spam and a black mark may be placed against your mail server and/or your entire email domain name.

Unfortunately, with so much spam on the internet these days, the people who control the spam filters have no time for marginal issues and will not usually listen to anyone who tries to reason with them. Instead, we must understand them and understand how they make their decisions so that we can avoid the pitfalls.

We have been very busy lately migrating businesses across to new and shiny email systems. It's often difficult to see a benefit when an email system just continues to work, but once you've seen Office 365 or Google Apps, I promise you'll never look back!

When I think back over the businesses we've helped, it's clear that most of our customers didn't even know what Office 365 or Google Apps were (let alone how good they are) until we talked to them about it. Therefore, I felt it was about time I put fingers to keyboard and write a short piece about what they are and what they can do for your business.

Why you may regret donating or selling your old PC

If you're getting a new PC this Christmas then you may be thinking of donating your old PC to a friend, relative or a charity. This is a very kind gesture and I'm sure they'll appreciate it. However, there are very good reasons to be very careful here otherwise you could end up feeling very sorry that you have been so generous.

Your personal data can be found in many aspects of your computer. The obvious place is the documents that you save. You know the ones - the Word, Excel, Notepad and other files that we all store useful but personal information in. Deleting these would be a great first step but many people don't realise is that it is relatively easy for documents to be undeleted with a bit of technical knowledge. Your friend or relative is unlikely to do this to you but you can't be sure how long they will keep your computer for or what they will do with it after they've finished with it.

We were the first IT Support company in the East Midlands to achieve the AccredIT Trustmark a few years ago. This was a big thing back then - it's even more important now.

The CompTIA trustmark reassures our existing clients and shows potential new customers that we have excellent organisational management, company direction, business generation, service delivery & operations and customer relations.

With so many IT service providers shouting that they're the best, it's important to be recognised as constantly achieving exceptional levels of service.

We've had a series of customers reporting that their Windows 7 PCs have ground to a halt during the past few weeks. We have been dealing with more and more of these and our investigations have lead us to a discovery that recent Windows updates may be to blame.

It's still early days for this issue but our theory so far suggests that recent Windows updates are causing PCs to do lots of indexing of files on the hard disk. During this busy period, if the PC runs out of system resources, the process appears to fail and gradually consume all of the processing power of your PC leaving users frustrated and unable to work.

An unidentified woman in Silicon Valley has unknowingly recently discarded a vintage Apple 1 computer at her local IT recycling facility.

The computer was one of only 200 ever made by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne at the very beginning of the Apple computer company.

The IT recycling facility that identified the potential value of the item and sold it to a collector for almost $250,000 is now doing the right thing and trying to identify the lady in order to share the funds with her.

Only a handful of these computers are known to exist and a similar computer was recently sold at auction in New York for over $900,000 !!


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Why you must protect your office PCs

Maintenance of IT systems must be handled properly to ensure a professional and efficient business. Cloud-based, efficient and reliable email systems are of paramount importance but the protection of these services are just as important.

The vast majority of all virus or malware infections arrive via emails. This is the single, biggest threat to the reliability of IT systems in small businesses. It is so easy to click the wrong thing and cause complete havoc for the whole business.

Have you ever wondered what the Windows key does?
Well, here's a few things you may not know about!

We've all been there - there's far too many windows cluttering your view. How do you do a quick tidy up? Well, try holding down the Windows key and pressing the home button - all applications will be minimised except the active window!

Try holding the Windows key and pressing the left or right arrow - Your active application will jump and occupy the left side or the right side of your screen! This is ideal when comparing two documents on a single screen.

Holding the Windows key and pressing the 'up' arrow will maximes an application that is running as a floating window, while the Windows key and the 'down' arrow will minimise it.

In a world full of people all fighting for the top spot on the Google search engine ranking, how can you ensure that your web page is up there with the best of them?
I explore some of the things to do and things to avoid.

There's always been a scheme that will get you ranked well in next to no time. I suppose there will always be this kind of mentality and short-term success will always be around in one shape or form for many years to come. However, is that a good long-term plan? I suspect that it's not.

We have a range of products that we recommend to our customers regularly. This means that we know the products and know how to get the most out of them in any given situation. Our chosen components are suited to most business types. In the rare instance that these aren't suitable for your needs then we'll work with you to find something that does.

Dell Servers, Workstations & Laptops

We ship Dell PCs & servers. Dell produce cheap PCs & servers but they also sell expensive ones. However, we've found a range that we feel offer the best balance between build quality, performance and price. We stick to these whenever we can as we know they offer great value for money.

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