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We covered keyboard shortcuts using the Windows key in a previous blog, so now we have some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts based around the Ctrl key. Keyboard shortcuts can help you to work more efficiently, helping you to be more productive on a computer.

Copy and Paste – Ctrl C and Ctrl V
These 2 shortcuts go handy in hand, and are conveniently right next to each other on the keyboard. So if you are forever right clicking to copy and paste then this one is for you. Simply highlight the text you need to copy and hit ctrl + c, then click your curser on the location to paste, and hit ctrl + v.

Ctrl + A – Highlight all
When you need to highlight everything on a page. You can follow this with copy and paste shortcuts to quickly capture a whole page of text. No need for the mouse!

Ctrl + F – Find
Use this shortcut to quickly find a specific word or phrase in the current window. Use it in a browser window, PDF, word document, spreadsheet and lots of other programmes. You can cycle through multiple mentions of the word or phrase and quickly locate the information you need without reading the whole thing.

Ctrl + Z – Undo
Rewind your mistakes! This shortcut works in the majority of Windows programmes including Microsoft Office and is perfect for quickly reversing errors.

Ctrl + T – New Tab
This shortcut opens a new tab in most browsers, so you can easily browse multiple web pages within the same window.

Ctrl + W – Close Tab
Not the page you’re looking for? Hit Ctrl + W to close the tab.

Ctrl + Tab – Cycle Through Tabs
When you have lots of tabs open in your browser, you can flick thorough them with Ctrl + Tab until you find the one you need.


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