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Google Adwords Campaign Management

There are two main methods of advertising on the internet.

The first method is to develop your web site skillfully, obtain some good quality backlinks and then wait for Google to realise how good your web site is. This is called natural search optimisation. After a while, your rankings will improve and hopefully you'll reach the top slot, or at least the first page for one or two of your main key phrases. This can take some time depending on your industry and who you are targeting and may need continual development to keep your site at the top. However, being ranked at the top for every search phrase related to your industry is un-realistic as optimising your site for one key phrase will counteract optimisation for other phrases.

The second method is sponsored advertising on Google. This involves paying a small amount of money to Google whenever somebody visits your web site. In return, Google will promote your web site during the first page or so of search results for almost ulimited variations of key phrases. Depending upon the popularity and competition, you might expect to pay anywhere between 10p - £5.00 per click. Getting the balance right is absolutely essential to prevent you from paying money for little or no return but if this is managed correctly it can be an absolute gold mine.

The obvious skill to master with this system is to make sure that the cost of your visitors does not exceed the profit you make from your sales revenue. However, establishing where that break-even point is can be more difficult than it first appears and can be very costly to the inexperienced. A short period of testing can help establish this if you know what you're doing.

Another key feature of the system is that you will pay more per-click for some search phrases than you will for others so it also makes sense to look for the cheaper keyphrases. However, the ones that cost more are likely to be the ones that are searched for most often and these are the ones that carry the majority of your visitor traffic. If the cost per click is too high then the return on investment will be negative and you'll be onto a loser. All is not lost though.

We have in-depth experience with this advertising platform and can usually generate more than enough clicks from a large selection of low cost keyphrases. The trick is finding them, optimising them and generating more of the same.

We recently created an Adwords Google sponsored advertising campaign for a client and here's what they had to say about their experience:

"More4 Loans are a UK secured loan packager and we constantly strive for new and innovative ways to generate new secured loan enquiries. As part of our advertising campaigns we decided to explore Google's sponsored advertising system to reach out to more potential clients. However as we researched this further, we became aware of the potential pit-falls if the campaign wasnt managed correctly and wanted to avoid some of the costly horror stories we'd read about from other adwords novices.

As we didnt have the in-house expertise required, we turned to a trusted IT partner in Eddie from Your Computer Department, who already handled most of our IT work, Eddie impressed us with his detailed knowledge and experience of the Google Adwords system so we gave Eddie a small budget to play and asked him to produce a new campaign for us. Virtually overnight Eddie had managed to generate new secured loan enquiries for us and within a week, through continued analysis of click patterns, and by identifying and streamlining the phrases that worked these enquiries increased dramatically. We could now clearly see which key phrases produced clicks and, more importantly, which of those clicks resulted in an enquiry, which we wouldnt have been able to establish without Eddie's knowledge and expertise.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Eddie's Google Adwords experience to anyone who is serious about venturing into sponsored advertising on Google.”

Steve Pollard
More4 Loans

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