Microsoft Teams Data Migration

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Enjoy business confidence with organised & secure data storage

Microsoft Teams Data Migration

Microsoft Teams offers you fast, easy and simple file storage combined with apps & programs that are designed to work together

Imagine your business data at your fingertips – from whatever device you have to hand. Then imagine all of this arranged in a way that selectively allows your colleagues, customers and suppliers to collaborate with you. Then, to top it off, imagine a well-oiled security system geared to help you access your data easily, while keeping unauthorised people out. Well, the reality is that you can have it all – right now!

You get to choose who has access to what, and then you can change your mind whenever you like. You get secure access to your data using multi-factor authentication and simple access to your data through the familiar Windows Explorer interface or via one of the many secure Office 365-based apps.

Whatever you choose to do, and however you choose to do it, Microsoft Teams is the tool to do it with. More users are turning to Microsoft Teams for their storage than ever before, and it’s easy to see why.

Your data, migrated into Microsoft Teams from just £495+VAT

Dropbox to Microsoft Teams Data Migration

Migrating from Dropbox to Microsoft Teams is something we do regularly. We ensure that each member of staff has access to the current, live data throughout the migration process.

Google Drive to Microsoft Teams Data Migration

Our team specialise in the migration of data from Google Drive to Microsoft Teams. We ensure that your business continues to work smoothly throughout the process.

On-Premise File Server to Microsoft Teams Data Migration

Microsoft Windows Servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drives, Unix Servers, Linux Servers, External Hard Disks…. whatever your data lives on right now! If you have data, we can migrate it.

Migrate Data from Anywhere to Microsoft Teams

Adaptable is our middle name! If you have some bespoke software for storing your data, then just talk to us. We will look at your specific situation and we’ll suggest a plan to keep you working efficiently while we migrate your data for you.

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