Email Safety Tips: Unmasking External Email Threats

Email Safety Tips

Navigating your inbox isn’t just about managing messages – it’s a crucial aspect of your digital safety. In today’s online world, understanding email safety tips is vital, especially when it comes to emails from external sources.

But why should you care? …Let’s explore.

Understanding the Risks of External Emails

Emails from outside your company might look harmless, but they can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They could be phishing attempts, where someone tries to steal your personal info or login credentials. Or they might contain malware, software that can harm your computer or steal your data. Knowing email safety tips is your first line of defense against these digital threats.

The ‘Forward’ Technique to Spot Spoofs

Here’s a simple yet effective trick: Click ‘Forward’ on the suspicious email. Often, the act of forwarding reveals the sender’s true email address, hidden under a familiar name. Have a look just below your signature, and you’ll see the header information of the original email. If “John from accounting” suddenly becomes “,” you’ve got a red flag waving right there.

Recognising Red Flags

Pay attention to oddities in emails:

  • Unusual language or spelling errors.
  • Requests for sensitive information, money transfers, or to click on unknown links.
  • Different formatting or email signature than usual.

These are more signs that the email might not be what it seems.

Verifying Email Authenticity Through Other Channels

If you’re unsure about an email’s legitimacy:

  • Make a phone call to the supposed sender using a known number (not a number shown in the email itself!).
  • Use internal communication tools like Teams to confirm.
  • Contact your company’s IT support team. That’s usually us, but if it’s not, then perhaps we need to talk! 😉

It’s always better to double-check than to risk a security breach.


In the world of email communication, being vigilant is key. By understanding and applying these email safety tips, you play an important role in protecting yourself and your organisation from cyber threats. So, the next time you see an email marked as external, take a moment to apply these tips. Your digital security depends on it.