IT Services

Online IT Support

Online IT Support for Small Businesses

Printer playing up? Backup failed? Email’s not arriving? Need assistance with creating new users on Office 365?

Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Cnfiguration

Video conferencing, instant messaging, centralised document managing, project tracking and much more…..

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool for everyone – even sole traders see massive benefits from using MS Teams.

Online PC Setup, Installation & Data Migration

Online Remote PC Setup

A new PC, taken out of the box is rarely ready for use. However, Your Computer Department makes things easy for you by remotely configuring your new PC, applying the correct updates, installing your software, transferring your files, settings and generally making your new PC look and feel like your old one, but much faster!

Our multi-point checklist ensures that your new PC doesn’t come with a headache. The best part is, we can do all of this remotely with our online IT support system. You simply remove your PC from the box, we talk you through a quick way to get us connected, and then we do the rest for you.

Automated Backup Systems


The onset of cloud-based services has brought the world some new challenges. How do we back up things we can’t touch? Well, the new technology has now brought us cloud-to-cloud backups, too. This means that we can back up your Microsoft data securely in another cloud. Therefore, regardless of whether Microsoft lost your data, or you screwed up and deleted something, we can recover it. Not only that, but we can select which version of your data to recover. Maybe last Wednesday was when you changed that Word document so last Tuesday’s version would be the best one to restore. The flexibility is endless with our automated online backups.