CompTIA Accredited Online IT Support

Your Computer Department was founded in the year 2000 by Eddie Palmer. Since then Eddie has worked tirelessly to take aspects of systems that the big corporate companies use and convert them into relevant and affordable systems for small businesses. We now operate with a small team of highly experienced IT support gurus who are here to help with any IT requirement that a small business may face.

A few years ago, we were approached by CompTIA with the view to becoming one of only a handful of accredited IT solution providers. This was a relatively large financial outlay for us, and involved a significant time investment, too. Their assessors visited several times and, only when they were sure that our business was truly credible and trustworthy, did we gain the CompTIA trust mark. We can proudly say that we are accredited which puts us streets ahead of our competition.

We provide a full range of high quality services and solutions for all businesses from sole traders to those with many staff members. We provide systems that are the right fit in each circumstance including automated backups, access from multiple devices, contingency plans and, perhaps most importantly in the present climate, the ability to work from home.

We have been an advocate for working from home (WFH) for many years and have an established toolset to make it happen. In fact, our own business has been able to work from home for many years. Each member of staff has access to the systems & information that they need in order to work securely from wherever they are. This is why you can be confident that we know that we are proficient in the services that we offer to our clients. We know it just works, because we do it in-house.

We never forget that some sole traders have businesses that are more established than those with 30 or more staff. Size is not the most important factor. So, with this in mind, we treat all businesses with respect and give each our full attention. We are here to help you provide excellence in whatever you do by providing excellent IT systems to help you do it.

If you own a small business, you can rest assured that Your Computer Department is your trusted support partner for all things IT.

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