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How to Fix iOS Mail password prompt

Microsoft have changed something, and here’s how to fix it.

Traditionally, Microsoft have used a system called “Basic Authentication” to allow you to configure their mailboxes on systems such as Apple’s iOS Mail app. However, they are now rolling out a change to “Modern Authentication” and it’s prompting many people to have to re-configure their device in order to carry on using their mailbox in the iOS Mail app.

Symptom: You will be prompted repeatedly for the password for your Microsoft Office 365 account. Even though you enter it, the prompt keeps coming back and your iOS Mail app doesn’t update.

Cause: Microsoft has disabled Basic Authentication in Office 365.

FAQ Online IT Support - News

ESET Smart Security Premium

We’re recommending an upgrade to ESET Smart Security Premium.

Given the recent increase in global cyber-threat, we’re recommending that our clients upgrade their ESET Security to the next level when it’s time to renew their subscription. In many cases, this involves upgrading from ESET NOD32 or ESET Endpoint, and moving to ESET Smart Security Premium.


How to configure Office 365 Shared Mailbox on iPhone

Access shared mailboxes from your iPhone using Outlook Mobile

With so many people needing to access so many mailboxes, from places other than their desktop or laptop computer, it makes sense to configure your mobile phone to be able to see shared mailboxes.

Using Apple Mail, you’d need to add a separate mailbox and it gets very messy with login credentials. Thankfully, there’s an easir way using Outlook for Mobile. This works on iPhones, iPads and also Android-based phones and tablets, too.


How to set up Office 365 Email on iPhone

Apple Mail – It’s built in, but is it any good for Office 365?

Eddie’s recent video guide shows you step-by-step how to connect your Office 365 mailbox, contacts and calendar to your iPhone or iPad. If you didn’t get to see it, then here is the video on his IT Support Service YouTube channel.

Apple Mail is great for people who are used to using that app. It brings Office 365 to a familiar environment.

It’s fairly good at the job, too. It synchronises your emails with what you see in Outlook on your laptop or desktop PC. It makes sure that you have your calendar with you, and it even synchronises Outlook with your iPhone’s address book.

So, what more could you possible want? Well, some people like it, and others don’t. That might not be enough to make the switch on its own but there are some tiny features in the Outlook App that you will miss out on if you stick to the Apple Mail app.

Also, consistency is a big thing these days. We find Office 365 is tricky to guide users through over the phone if they have an Android mobile device. In contrast, the Outlook App on Android just… well, it just works. So, if half your staff have iPhones, and the other half have Android, then maybe there’s some mileage in using the Outlook app across the board – so everyone knows how it works.

There will be an Office 365 on Outlook iOS App installation video guide soon, so watch this space!


ESET Antivirus Update

Microsoft needs to roll out an update to Windows 10 which is incompatible with older versions of the ESET Antivirus program. For the techies among us, it is the Windows 10 (build:2004) update which requires attention.


How to configure shared Office 365 mailbox on iOS

Configuring a shared Office 365 mailbox on an iOS device using IMAP

Updated 27/07/17

1. On the iPad or iPhone, go to SETTINGS > MAIL > ADD ACCOUNT

2. Select OTHER from the list of types.

Add Account

How to setup Office 365 in iOS on an iPhone or iPad

How to setup Office 365 on an iPhone or iPad

  1. On the iPad or iPhone, go to SETTINGS > MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS > ADD ACCOUNT
  2. Select EXCHANGE from the list of types.
  3. Enter your email address for this account, your password and then give it a description.
  4. It may then prompt you that it cannot verify server identity – tap CONTINUE.
  5. Depending on the setup of your domain, this may be enough and it may find all of your settings automatically. If it doesn’t, carry on with the next step.
  6. On the next page, enter the server as follows:
  7. Enter your email address and click NEXT
  8. The next screen lets you select the features you wish to synchronise with. Ensure all features are enabled.
  9. If it prompts you to decide whether to keep items on the phone or delete them, the safest option is to keep on phone.

Office 365 is now configured on your device. You will find your new email account in the standard Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.

If you would like further advise on this subject, please call us.


Connecting your Apple Mac to a Microsoft Server

Connecting your Apple Mac in to resources in a Windows environment can be a daunting proposition but it’s actually not that difficult.

Accessing share folder share on a Server
In FINDER, click GO on the toolbar and then CONNECT TO SERVER.

You now have a choice of either browsing the network to find your resource, or typing in the address of the resource.