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Windows 8 is retiring

As you’ll know by now, Windows 7 reached it’s end of life almost two years ago now. Anyone running Windows 7 as their operating system since then has been running the risk that their software could have been breached without necessarily knowing about it.

Microsoft has not been patching any discovered security flaws or loopholes in Windows 7 since January 2020.

Fraudsters know this. They will have been doing their best to optimise their chances of compromising this operating system. Meanwhile, lots of people continue to use it – blissfully unaware of the serious risks.

In January 2023, Windows 8 follows suit and obsolete. Therefore, the minimum supported operating system will become Windows 10.

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How to Fix iOS Mail password prompt

Microsoft have changed something, and here’s how to fix it.

Traditionally, Microsoft have used a system called “Basic Authentication” to allow you to configure their mailboxes on systems such as Apple’s iOS Mail app. However, they are now rolling out a change to “Modern Authentication” and it’s prompting many people to have to re-configure their device in order to carry on using their mailbox in the iOS Mail app.

Symptom: You will be prompted repeatedly for the password for your Microsoft Office 365 account. Even though you enter it, the prompt keeps coming back and your iOS Mail app doesn’t update.

Cause: Microsoft has disabled Basic Authentication in Office 365.

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Microsoft Price Increase July 2022

Price increase to Microsoft 365 licenses

Currently, if you purchase your Microsoft 365 through us (or another service provider) then you’re likely to be on what Microsoft call a CSP contract. At the end of June 2022, Microsoft are ceasing this contract and introducing a new contract that they call NCE.


How to configure Office 365 Shared Mailbox on iPhone

Access shared mailboxes from your iPhone using Outlook Mobile

With so many people needing to access so many mailboxes, from places other than their desktop or laptop computer, it makes sense to configure your mobile phone to be able to see shared mailboxes.

Using Apple Mail, you’d need to add a separate mailbox and it gets very messy with login credentials. Thankfully, there’s an easir way using Outlook for Mobile. This works on iPhones, iPads and also Android-based phones and tablets, too.


How to set up Office 365 Email on iPhone

Apple Mail – It’s built in, but is it any good for Office 365?

Eddie’s recent video guide shows you step-by-step how to connect your Office 365 mailbox, contacts and calendar to your iPhone or iPad. If you didn’t get to see it, then here is the video on his IT Support Service YouTube channel.

Apple Mail is great for people who are used to using that app. It brings Office 365 to a familiar environment.

It’s fairly good at the job, too. It synchronises your emails with what you see in Outlook on your laptop or desktop PC. It makes sure that you have your calendar with you, and it even synchronises Outlook with your iPhone’s address book.

So, what more could you possible want? Well, some people like it, and others don’t. That might not be enough to make the switch on its own but there are some tiny features in the Outlook App that you will miss out on if you stick to the Apple Mail app.

Also, consistency is a big thing these days. We find Office 365 is tricky to guide users through over the phone if they have an Android mobile device. In contrast, the Outlook App on Android just… well, it just works. So, if half your staff have iPhones, and the other half have Android, then maybe there’s some mileage in using the Outlook app across the board – so everyone knows how it works.

There will be an Office 365 on Outlook iOS App installation video guide soon, so watch this space!