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Windows 8 is retiring

As you’ll know by now, Windows 7 reached it’s end of life almost two years ago now. Anyone running Windows 7 as their operating system since then has been running the risk that their software could have been breached without necessarily knowing about it.

Microsoft has not been patching any discovered security flaws or loopholes in Windows 7 since January 2020.

Fraudsters know this. They will have been doing their best to optimise their chances of compromising this operating system. Meanwhile, lots of people continue to use it – blissfully unaware of the serious risks.

In January 2023, Windows 8 follows suit and obsolete. Therefore, the minimum supported operating system will become Windows 10.


Connecting your Apple Mac to a Microsoft Server

Connecting your Apple Mac in to resources in a Windows environment can be a daunting proposition but it’s actually not that difficult.

Accessing share folder share on a Server
In FINDER, click GO on the toolbar and then CONNECT TO SERVER.

You now have a choice of either browsing the network to find your resource, or typing in the address of the resource.