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Poor password management is crazy. Let’s make passwords secure… and easy!

Password management – love them or hate them (and most people hate them!), passwords are here to stay. Well, at least for now.

The problem is, most people don’t realise how risky a re-used password is. Anyone who’s re-using a small number of passwords is just asking for trouble.

If a single one of those web sites is hacked, your password will be revealed and sold. Not yours individually, but your login email address along with your password will be sold as a pair along with everyone else’s logins on that web site.

Criminals on the dark web will purchase credentials like these in bulk and then use them to try and gain access to other web sites across the internet.

That’s right – If you use the same login name and password in more than one place, then you are leaving yourself, your data, and often the data of other people wide open to being hacked.

It is essential that you use a unique password for everywhere that you log into.

What? …but that’s crazy, right? Who on Earth is going to be able to remember a different password for everywhere?!

This is where a secure password manager comes in.

A password manager is a system that stores all of your passwords for you. When you visit a web site, the password manager makes it easy and will offer you the login and password – this means that you don’t have to remember it! This also means that the password can be long, and complicated with symbols and numbers – making it much harder to compromise.

Introducing: LastPass – Our recommended password manager

The video below gives you a very quick demonstration of how LastPass works.

If the above video doesn’t work, please visit this YouTube link:

  • 2-Factor Authentication – ensures it’s you that’s accessing your data.
  • Access from any device: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or any web browser
  • Secure, web-based storage of:
    • Passwords
    • Bank Accounts
    • Credit Cards
    • Passports
    • Drivers Licenses
    • Generic Notes
  • Auto-fill features
  • Team-based sharing; Allow your team members to see certain entries, but keep everything else private.

LastPass Business – Password management for small businesses

You probably already structure your data files by keeping some data private and granting team members access to other areas. Well, you can now do the same with your passwords and secured notes.

There are some bits of information that you need to share with your staff. Much better to have a secure way to do this, than a notepad in the top drawer in the boss’s office, don’t you think?

We do this in LastPass by creating folders and sharing the folders with the relevant teams. So, there could be a Finance folder, a Sales folder, a Management folder … and so on. Each team member would have access to only the data folder that they need.

If someone changes a password, and records that in LastPass, then everyone else will have immediate access to that new information.

Don’t trust your staff? Well, that’s actually quite common, and even a recommended practice! With LastPass, you can even limit your staff’s access so that they don’t get to see the password that they use. They can ask LastPass to insert the password in the login box, but they dont get to see what it is!


Each person needing access to the system will need a licence. They get their own login to LastPass, and the ability to store their own personal passwords along side the data that you grant them access to.

Organisation setup – one-off fee (up to 10 users): £99+VAT
We can show you how to use this system via a brief remote support session within this cost. If you would like more in-depth training or for us to demo this to more than one person, this would be an additional cost. Please let us know and we can tailor a package to match your circumstances.
Each user licence costs £5.10+VAT per month.

Please forgive us, but ….we think you should be!

More on LastPass…

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By Eddie Palmer

Eddie Palmer is the founder of Nottingham-based Your Computer Department.