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Password Management

Poor password management is crazy. Let’s make passwords secure… and easy!

Password management – love them or hate them (and most people hate them!), passwords are here to stay. Well, at least for now.

The problem is, most people don’t realise how risky a re-used password is. Anyone who’s re-using a small number of passwords is just asking for trouble.

If a single one of those web sites is hacked, your password will be revealed and sold. Not yours individually, but your login email address along with your password will be sold as a pair along with everyone else’s logins on that web site.

Criminals on the dark web will purchase credentials like these in bulk and then use them to try and gain access to other web sites across the internet.

That’s right – If you use the same login name and password in more than one place, then you are leaving yourself, your data, and often the data of other people wide open to being hacked.