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Windows 8 is retiring

As you’ll know by now, Windows 7 reached it’s end of life almost two years ago now. Anyone running Windows 7 as their operating system since then has been running the risk that their software could have been breached without necessarily knowing about it.

Microsoft has not been patching any discovered security flaws or loopholes in Windows 7 since January 2020.

Fraudsters know this. They will have been doing their best to optimise their chances of compromising this operating system. Meanwhile, lots of people continue to use it – blissfully unaware of the serious risks.

In January 2023, Windows 8 follows suit and obsolete. Therefore, the minimum supported operating system will become Windows 10.

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Running a Business Off-Grid

Running an online business relies heavily on power and internet connectivity. Without either of these, the business simply cannot function.

However, the risks associated with ensuring you have power and internet connectivity can be reduced by giving your business some options such as an alternative location in which to work.

In our case, the work space for an online IT support business needs to have power and internet connectivity. A spare office might be an option, but rent is a large overhead and, well, we much prefer working from home now that COVID has lead to it becoming socially acceptable!

So, instead of renting an office, why not combine work with pleasure? If your business can operate from wherever you are, then why not enjoy life a little at the same time as creating many of the features of a good disaster recovery plan?!

Our MD, Eddie, has kitted out a motorhome to support working from wherever he is. A large capacity, portable lithium battery unit serves power to appliances like a microwave, kettle, toaster, his laptop and a mobile broadband router. This battery is then rechargable via a solar panel on the roof, from running the engine, or from electric hookup to a mains source such as a camp site or house. There’s enough juice in the battery to run a laptop for up to 2 weeks without a recharge, so there’s plenty of scope for off-grid adventures.

Off Grid Mobile Working
Off-grid mobile working
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Password Management

Poor password management is crazy. Let’s make passwords secure… and easy!

Password management – love them or hate them (and most people hate them!), passwords are here to stay. Well, at least for now.

The problem is, most people don’t realise how risky a re-used password is. Anyone who’s re-using a small number of passwords is just asking for trouble.

If a single one of those web sites is hacked, your password will be revealed and sold. Not yours individually, but your login email address along with your password will be sold as a pair along with everyone else’s logins on that web site.

Criminals on the dark web will purchase credentials like these in bulk and then use them to try and gain access to other web sites across the internet.

That’s right – If you use the same login name and password in more than one place, then you are leaving yourself, your data, and often the data of other people wide open to being hacked.

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How to Fix iOS Mail password prompt

Microsoft have changed something, and here’s how to fix it.

Traditionally, Microsoft have used a system called “Basic Authentication” to allow you to configure their mailboxes on systems such as Apple’s iOS Mail app. However, they are now rolling out a change to “Modern Authentication” and it’s prompting many people to have to re-configure their device in order to carry on using their mailbox in the iOS Mail app.

Symptom: You will be prompted repeatedly for the password for your Microsoft Office 365 account. Even though you enter it, the prompt keeps coming back and your iOS Mail app doesn’t update.

Cause: Microsoft has disabled Basic Authentication in Office 365.

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ESET Smart Security Premium

We’re recommending an upgrade to ESET Smart Security Premium.

Given the recent increase in global cyber-threat, we’re recommending that our clients upgrade their ESET Security to the next level when it’s time to renew their subscription. In many cases, this involves upgrading from ESET NOD32 or ESET Endpoint, and moving to ESET Smart Security Premium.

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Microsoft Price Increase July 2022

Price increase to Microsoft 365 licenses

Currently, if you purchase your Microsoft 365 through us (or another service provider) then you’re likely to be on what Microsoft call a CSP contract. At the end of June 2022, Microsoft are ceasing this contract and introducing a new contract that they call NCE.

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Data Backup & Restore Testing

When did you last test your backups?!

The cause of unrecoverable data is, in most cases, human error. Even the best backup system in the world is configured by a human being.

A backup system that was correctly configured initially, may run into an issue without you noticing. Backup system updates, configuration errors and all manner of other factors my lead to something that no longer serves the purpose. Equally, a backup system that has never been tested could run for years without anyone noticing that it unsuitable.

With these issues in mind, it is critical that your backup systems are tested regularly to ensure that, if needed, you would be able to restore your data.

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WiFi your Desktop PC for less than £10

The trouble with desktop PCs is that they need a wired network connection. This means that you’ll need to set your PC up somewhere near your router – and that’s often very inconvenient.

So, if you’re needing to work from home and you’re taking your office PC home with you, then this can be a real pain!

What you need is a USB WiFi dongle. This simply plugs in the back of your PC and instantly gives your desktop PC the freedom to work wherever it is most convenient.

Thinking this will be difficult to install? Think again! The vast majority of these little beauties simply plug in and work. You don’t need to do a thing!

TIP: When looking for a WiFi dongle, make sure you choose one with 5GHz and 2.4GHz capability. Some only support the slower 2.4GHz standard which will be frustrating.

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Email Synchronisation

Improve productivity with contacts, calendar & email synchronisation across all devices

When it comes to running a small business, nothing is more infuriating than inefficient technology. However, when you pay peanuts for web sites, this is often what you get. Email synchronisation is generally not a priority when considering a low-cost web site.

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Can you install a program on your PC?

If you can install programs on your PC without logging in as a different user, then this is for you!

If you can install a program on your PC without being challenged to log in as administrator, then so can MALWARE!