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Email Synchronisation

Improve productivity with contacts, calendar & email synchronisation across all devices

When it comes to running a small business, nothing is more infuriating than inefficient technology. However, when you pay peanuts for web sites, this is often what you get. Email synchronisation is generally not a priority when considering a low-cost web site.

If you went out to find a low-cost web site for your business, then the chances are that it will have come bundles with a ‘free’ mailbox. Technically, this type of mailbox is usually referred to as an IMAP or POP3 mailbox and it simply does what is says on the tin. ie It receives and sends emails. However, it is very inefficient if you use more than one computer device or have a smart phone. So that’s pretty much all of us, then!

The problem starts with POP3

The problems are many. If you use the POP3 system then the one you’ll probably be aware of one problem more than most. An email that you send from one device will not appear in the SENT folder on another device. This means that, should you need to find an email you sent to someone, you may need to look on each of your devices to find it.

IMAP handles sent items a little better, but both systems fail when it comes to synchronising your contacts list with Outlook and, perhaps more frustratingly, your calendar appointments associated with your business mailbox simply won’t synchronise across any devices. This means that, if you’re out and about and place a calendar entry on your mobile phone, then chances are, that won’t be visible on your laptop.

Microsoft 365 saves the day!

Microsoft 365 is the answer to your prayers. It combines all the latest technology to bring you immediate over-the-internet synchronisation of mail, contacts and calendar appointments between all of your devices.

Ah, you say. But isn’t this going to be expensive? Well, most businesses can afford £3.80+VAT per month so we would suggest not! Where else can you find so much functionality for such a little cost?!

But, wait! That’s not all! You’ve heard about Microsoft Teams, haven’t you? Well that’s a whole new world of possibilities. It’s all part of the same system, and it’s included in the same, low subscription price. So, if it’s a central synchronised file storage system you’re after then you’re sorted. If you need a place to collaborate with your colleagues and contacts then you’ve probably found the best one. You’ll be amazed at the value a small business or sole trader can get from adopting a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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By Eddie Palmer

Eddie Palmer is the founder of Nottingham-based Your Computer Department.