Online IT Support for Small Businesses

Online IT Support

“We work tirelessly to adapt corporate online IT support and IT systems to fit small businesses.”

Online IT Support has been our core business for the past 20 years. This is a long time for any IT company and it’s a fantastic achievement that we are very proud of.

During this time, we have been tirelessly working to find ways to adapt or emulate corporate remote IT support services and their IT systems into affordable solutions that work for and protect small businesses and sole traders.

The livelihood of any business owner depends on the efficiency and resilience of their IT systems. It doesn’t matter whether the turnover is £50,000 or £500,000,000 – the same rules apply. Every business needs excellent IT systems and it is imperative that it has access to fast and reliable IT support.

Working from home used to be frowned upon. However, in recent times, this has become very normal practice for most small businesses. People work either as a sole trader or part of a small team – yet, with our help, they remain professional at all times. This is just one example of the issues that are at the heart of the way that we serve small businesses. We build our systems around the common core elements of business IT systems to ensure that small businesses and sole traders remain flexible but retain their professionalism and that their systems are robust and resilient.

Here at Your Computer Department, we ensure that our customers have the best systems to suit their individual circumstances – and the very best IT Support service to match.

I felt I could trust him and he would see the job through

Online IT Support for McCraken Consultancy

For anyone working for themselves who feels bereft having left a larger company and no longer having a computer department to ‘sort out’ your computer trials and tribulations he is indeed ‘your computer department’!

Natasha McCracken

Your Computer Department provides accredited online IT support across the UK

Your Computer Department - Accredited by CompTIA

Having access to the tools you need is critical for any business owner. In fact, you probably wouldn't own or drive a car if you didn't know someone who you could trust to keep it maintained or fix it when it breaks. Your business computers are no different - you need to know you have somewhere to go when you need IT support.

But just "somewhere" isn't enough. You need to know that the interests of your business are of paramount importance to the IT service provider that you choose to do business with. That's why we have chosen to become accredited by CompTIA. This prestigious trust mark proves to you that we have been audited in minute detail and found to be a responsible, proactive and well-structured business which is in an excellent place to provide a high quality service with regards to IT solutions and support.

Contact us NOW and get high quality online IT support for your business.

Online IT Support for Small Businesses

Online IT Support

There's not much we can't fix with our online IT support service. We deal with all kinds of queries from issues with passwords, guidance on software and help with printers - all the way through to operating system corruption. Our experienced consultants are just a phone call away from resolving your problem so give us a call.

Online Remote PC Setup

Online PC Setup & Installation

Lockdown throughout the COVID-19 process has only strengthened our systems and processes. We are proud to say that we can now ship PCs direct from the manufacturer to our clients, talk them through some simple steps to get the PC online and then carry out our normal setup installation and data migration processes. We can do all of this without a visit which means we are able to offer this service across the whole of the UK.

Microsoft Teams Cnfiguration

Microsoft Teams

The latest and greatest offering from Microsoft is getting bigger all the time. Jump on board and benefit from flexible working in a way that has previously been impossible. Big or small, every business benefits from Microsoft Teams.


Automated Backup Systems

In days of old, backups were a bit of a nightmare. They were complicated, they were difficult to test and they were a thing associated with large businesses.

Small businesses had a habit of copying files to a disk and calling it a backup. This was only marginally better than no backup at all, and frequent data loss was commonplace.

These days, all that has changed. Automated, encrypted, cloud-based backups have become normal and are equally applicable to sole traders as they are to large corporates. There is no reason to not have safe, secure and reliable backups. The starting point for every IT setup, for every business, has to be automated online backups.

Really appreciate your speedy response

Online IT Support for EMBA

Really appreciate your speedy response to all our queries and efficient resolution of the issues we’ve had.