ESET Antivirus Update

Microsoft needs to roll out an update to Windows 10 which is incompatible with older versions of the ESET Antivirus program. For the techies among us, it is the Windows 10 (build:2004) update which requires attention.

“I thought ESET updated automatically?”

Yes, it does! Don’t worry – ESET will update its virus definitions database automatically and this is the bit that keeps you safe. However, your ESET protection comes in two parts – the program that runs on your computer, and the “virus definitions database” that looks out for you.

While the virus definitions database updates itself, the bit we need to update on this occasion is the program behind it that runs on your computer. It doesn’t happen automatically, so we need your help.

Managed Updates

If you have an annual licence quantity of 5 or above, or you pay us monthly for your ESET licence, then we have some great news for you! We can now push this update (and future updates) out to all of your computers. To do this, you just need to have our ESET Agent program added to your PC.

Simply click the button below and your PC will download a ZIP file. Open the ZIP file, and you will see a Windows Batch File called ESMCAgentInstaller. Simply double-click this file to run the installation of your ESET Agent.

Once you have downloaded and run the ESET Agent installer program then you’ll just need to let us know so that we can push your update out to your PCs. Normal support rates apply.

Manual Updates

If you have less than 5 licenses in your organisation, or prefer to do the updates yourself, then you will need to download and run the ESET program installer. To do this, please download and run the latest ESET antivirus program using one of the buttons below.

Prefer us to do it?

No problem at all – please just raise a support ticket with us as normal. Standard support rates will apply.

By Eddie Palmer

Eddie Palmer is the founder of Nottingham-based Your Computer Department.