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Running a Business Off-Grid

Running an online business relies heavily on power and internet connectivity. Without either of these, the business simply cannot function.

However, the risks associated with ensuring you have power and internet connectivity can be reduced by giving your business some options such as an alternative location in which to work.

In our case, the work space for an online IT support business needs to have power and internet connectivity. A spare office might be an option, but rent is a large overhead and, well, we much prefer working from home now that COVID has lead to it becoming socially acceptable!

So, instead of renting an office, why not combine work with pleasure? If your business can operate from wherever you are, then why not enjoy life a little at the same time as creating many of the features of a good disaster recovery plan?!

Our MD, Eddie, has kitted out a motorhome to support working from wherever he is. A large capacity, portable lithium battery unit serves power to appliances like a microwave, kettle, toaster, his laptop and a mobile broadband router. This battery is then rechargable via a solar panel on the roof, from running the engine, or from electric hookup to a mains source such as a camp site or house. There’s enough juice in the battery to run a laptop for up to 2 weeks without a recharge, so there’s plenty of scope for off-grid adventures.

Off Grid Mobile Working
Off-grid mobile working