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Introducing: YCD Shoebox Server

YCD Shoebox – All your files. In your control.

Historically, there’s generally been a choice for the small business. Either splash serious cash on an office-based server, or compromise on functionality, backups and security levels with some file sharing software such as Dropbox, iCloud or Sync. A traditional server is often too expensive for a tiny business to afford – yet the file sharing solutions offer comparatively little flexibility along with a not-insignificant subscription cost for any business-sized volumes of data.

The solution that ticks the boxes has arrived in the form of what we like to call the YCD Shoebox. A small shoebox-sized device that connects to your office or home-based office network and offers to tick all of your organisational requirements, automates hourly off-site backups, allows you remote access while you’re out with clients and, most importantly has state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data.

The flexibility of this system allows any, all or none of the following – plus much more, besides:Direct, fast access to files across your local networkRemote access to files via a ‘Dropbox-style’ app.3 levels of file security: General users, Team leaders, Owner/managersData encryption – Your data remains protected should your Shoebox device be stolen.2-Step authentication – Keeps hackers out, even if they know your username and password!Mirrored internal storage – if an internal storage hard disk fails, there’s another one there to keep you running while we fix it.Automated hourly off-site backups (small subscription applies)Roaming profiles – Any user can log into any computer and see the same files.

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By Eddie Palmer

Eddie Palmer is the founder of Nottingham-based Your Computer Department.