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Turn one-off projects into life-long relationships.

Your Computer Department partners with web design agencies, large and small.

Would you normally offer an IMAP/POP3 mailbox as part of your web design projects?

We provide valuable enhancements to your project in terms of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, Microsoft Teams and on-going, affordable, Pay-As-You-Go IT support that keeps your clients happy for the lifespan of your project – and beyond.

Your client’s experience doesn’t stop when your project goes live. We help to keep the business relationship alive for you by providing on-going high quality IT support. Your client will see Your Computer Department as closely affiliated with your company. This means that you’re far more likely to be their first call when your client requires another web design project.

Who we are, and what we do really, really well.

Nottingham-based Your Computer Department - Accredited by CompTIAYour Computer Department provides IT services and solutions for small businesses and is accredited by CompTIA. We have an exceptionally strong UK client base of very loyal customers based upon our long history of providing solid solutions and excellent customer service.

We are always on the lookout for business in related industries where we can enhance each others’ offerings by adding really useful services.

Designing web sites for our clients used to be one of our key services. As such, we have an interest in the subject, we know how they work, we know how SEO works, and we’re experts in DNS. However, we know that modern web design needs to be done by experts in the field who do this work every day. Gone are the days of us just dipping into this every now and then – web site design, construction and implementation needs to be done properly – and not by us. So, we’ve decided not to do large web design projects. Not because we can’t, but because we’ve decided it’s no longer the role of a company who strives to provide high quality IT support and services. Much better to leave web design to the marketeers and graphic designers.

What we’re really great at is providing the IT systems and infrastructure required to get, and keep, any small business running smoothly, efficiently and professionally. We do this by looking at the systems that large corporates use. We adopt the most suitable bits that work for small businesses and we find other great solutions to knit everything together with. The resulting slick, professional IT systems fit small businesses perfectly. Most importantly, these IT systems are not only comprehensive, but they are also very affordable at the small business level.

Online IT Support for Small Businesses

Enhance your services – by adding ours.

The vast majority of web designers feel obliged to offer an email solution when providing a web site. This is often through gritted teeth and comes with an anticipation of having to provide after-sales support to get the client up and running with access to their emails. We have recognised this frustration. In fact, we would love to take on this role and do it for you.

One of the best ways to enhance any small business IT system is to take advantage of the many features of Microsoft 365. This starts with the domain name, which is where you’ll usually be able help us to integrate. We then add a fully synchronising email system. This is a million miles more advanced than IMAP, more reliable and offers the synchronisation of much more information such as calendars, contacts, tasks and much more – across any, and all devices.

From here, we also provide file storage that each user can access from any device. We’ll back this up automatically on a daily basis using an encrypted, reliable, and well known cloud backup solution. This provides your client with up to 6 months of previous versions – not only for individual files or emails, but also for full data structures or complete mailboxes. We can also backup local files stored on physical computers, too.


We handle the IT support – so you don’t have to. Our core business is providing day-to-day IT support for our clients. It makes perfect sense for us to take this on, ease your client into their new digital working environment, provide all the help and support they need to get going – and also be there going forward for any support issues they have in future. In the meantime, you can efficiently organise your web site launch and then move on to other projects – safe in the knowledge that your client is being looked after by Your Computer Department.

Worry not.

If you run a professional web design agency then you will no doubt be cautious about risking your reputation on a relationship with any other company. In fact, you would be mad not to be.

Firstly, you need reassurance that the company you are partnering with knows what they are doing. After 20 years of providing exceptional IT support & solutions, we definitely do!

Secondly, you need to know that your partner has a good understanding of what your role involves, and an appreciation of the challenges you will face which may overlap or impact on each other’s projects.

Your Computer Department ticks all the right boxes in this regard. We know the technical side of what’s necessary. From SPF records to PHP errors, from Mailchimp integration to image size optimisation. It’s all important to us. We want your clients to be happy with the work that you provide, and we want them to be happy with the work that we provide.

Most of all, we want your clients to be happy now but also continuously happy in future. In fact, it’s often our continuous relationship with web designers’ clients that brings them back next time they need a web site. Your client will view the partnership between their IT company and their web design company as extremely valuable to their own business.

So, in fact, adding our services to yours not only enhances the product that your client receives, but it also strengthens and retains the relationship you have with your client.

Prompt, courteous and proactive

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Prompt, courteous and proactive

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Pricing...without the "ouch!".

Firstly, this is a no-cost option to you. That's right - this bolt-on costs you nothing at all. Yet, it could mean the difference between a single one-off job with on-going support frustration - or - multiple jobs from a long-serving client over several years. Each job as enjoyable to roll out as the next.

From your client's perspective, the costs are affordable and make a lot of sense. The exact cost will depend on certain factors, but as a general rule of thumb, here are some typical figures (correct as at June 2020):

Microsoft 365 monthly subscriptions

The minimum requirement is a single user Microsoft 365 licence (£3.80).

£3.80+VAT per user, with Microsoft Teams (minimum 1 licence).
£9.40+VAT per user, with Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Office software on their desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet (up to 5 devices).

Online, encrypted, automated backups

Good backups are critical to any business. The backup system we use is Acronis Cloud backup. It connects to Microsoft once a day with a dedicated Microsoft 365 account and creates an encrypted backup of the data we stipulate. That can be anything from a specific mailbox or Team folder all the way to backing up the entire company's Microsoft mailboxes and data (always our recommendation).

We can also backup data from a local computer hard disk. Again, this is encrypted and uploaded. This can also be backed up as often as once per hour if necessary.

Price: £0.29+VAT per GB, per month.


Sorry to be a little vague at this point, but the labour involved will vary between clients. However, for a single user and little-to-no data to import, we could be looking at under £100+VAT. Generally though, clients have a little more going on. Typically a small business setup would cost somewhere between £500 to £1000+VAT - but it depends upon the complexity of their requirements. It's best to talk to us to get a feel of where the budget needs to be, but hopefully you can get an idea of where your client's budget needs to be.

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