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How to work from home – Professionally!

Working from home is great. However, it comes with a strong warning:


We’ve all seen a marked change in the way that people have worked since the pandemic. Working from home is set to become a major part of many people’s lives for the future. However, professionalism needs to be maintained in the workplace – be that an office or a home.

So, what can you do to present a professional appearance while enjoying the benefits of daytime retail therapy, a trip to the hair salon, a mid-afternoon school run, a dash to the gym or a walk in the park?

Well, one way we have become used to keeping in touch with our clients is via email. Unfortunately, emails have a habit of being urgent and often cannot wait for a well formatted reply from your PC – instead, you may feel you need to reply ‘on the hoof’. However, with the formatting of an email from a mobile device often looking very different to one from a PC, the professionalism is somehow lost. Gone is the carefully crafted branding across the footer – it’s simply been replaced by something like ‘Sent from my iPhone’. The game is up – you’ve been rumbled!

Step forward, Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365. Simply turn off your standard signature and send your email. Your corporate branding is added automatically to your email – regardless of whether you sent it from your PC, your iPad, your mobile phone or even logging in through a web browser on your friend’s PC.

The recipient of your email won’t know that your having your hair done or that you’re having a pint at the local with your mates. You could literally be anywhere – and remain professional at the same time.

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