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Correct DNS configuration

Configuring your SPF record is vital

Do your emails get lost in other peoples' junk mail or caught in their spam filter?
Do you find a low response to newsletters on platforms such as Mailchimp?

Correct configuration of a domain name is vital for reliable delivery of email. There is a DNS record that we call the SPF record.

Remote Team

Adapting your business for a return to work

It has been a difficult time for most of us over the recent weeks. We are clearly not out of the woods just yet although some businesses, mainly in the manufacturing and construction industries, are now returning to work. Early indications are that business owners are finding it difficult to get many of their key members of staff back to work due to childcare challenges. With schools remaining closed, staff are finding that they are unable to find suitable care for their children during the time when they would need to be at work.

There are, however, ways in which we can adapt to cope with some of these circumstances. There is a mixture of opportunities that can soften the blow, although few of them are ideal for anyone. Staggering working times so that parents can take it in turns to look after their children is one idea. There are also very interesting and affordable ways in which technology can help, too.

Automated email signatures

How to work from home - Professionally!

Working from home is great. We know this because we at Your Computer Department have been doing just this for several years now. However, it comes with a strong warning:



Microsoft Teams

Solving Your Remote Connectivity Issues

The number one question we've been asked over the past 14 days is "Can you help us work from home?". This has kept us extremely busy, as you might imagine.

The second most popular question has been "Can you please do something about the speed of our remote connection?". The answer is yes. The solution can come in many forms - and can be a mixture of all of them.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - Enabling business us usual throughout COVID-19

Coronavirus is set to make physical meetings very difficult in 2020. Guidance from the UK government, large organisations and the government intends to slow the spread of the virus by reducing unnecesary social and business contact. This poses a sudden new challenge to businesses since traditional methods of holding meetings to discuss every day processes may become difficult - or even illegal. Business owners are being urged to plan alternative ways of working to enable them to continue to operate as normally as possible during the next few months.

YCD Shoebox Server

YCD Shoebox - All your files. In your control.

Historically, there's generally been a choice for the small business. Either splash serious cash on an office-based server, or compromise on functionality, backups and security levels with some file sharing software such as Dropbox, iCloud or Sync. A traditional server is often too expensive for a tiny business to afford - yet the file sharing solutions offer comparatively little flexibility along with a not-insignificant subscription cost for any business-sized volumes of data.

The solution that ticks the boxes has arrived in the form of what we like to call the YCD Shoebox. A small shoebox-sized device that connects to your office or home-based office network and offers to tick all of your organisational requirements, automates hourly off-site backups, allows you remote access while you're out with clients and, most importantly has state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data.

Windows 10 Pro

The clock is ticking as we head towards the end of life for Windows 7.

So long, Windows 7 - You've been a great operating system. In fact, many (if not most!) Windows 7 users would be more than happy to keep you! Unfortunately, we know that the scum-of-the-earth hackers out there are planning their attacks for when Microsoft refuse to fix you this coming January. We know you must go, and we're sad.

However, we're excited, too! We know that Windows 10 brings us many surprises and promises to keep us safe for many years to come. If nothing else, we know that it will be able to encrypt our computer's hard disk if we're using the 'Pro' edidtion - keeping our data much safer if our computers are stolen. It's a huge relief to know that we will have the latest and greatest - and that Microsoft will keep it this way via constant security patches and feature upgrades.

Windows 10 Pro

In much the same way as Windows 7 is retiring in January, the same is happening for many Windows-based Servers. In fact, the week before Windows 7 retires, Microsoft is quietly waving goodbye to Windows Server 2008.

So, if you're running a network with a Windows Server 2008 operating system then it won't be long before it becomes unprotected and a target for the hacking community.

You do have options though. Yes, you'll need to replace your server, but the choice of what to replace it with is wider now than it was when you bought Windows Server 2008. You can replace your server with Windows Server 2019 and the cost is likely to be similar to that of your original server (ask us for more detail on that one) but an alternative that you may wish to consider is the newest generation of Network Attached Storage devices (NAS for short). We've crafted a solution for the average small business and we call it the YCD Shoebox.

Windows 7 End Of Life

The end is near for Windows 7

You may remember back in 2014 when Microsoft declared that no further updates would be released for Windows XP. Malware developers quickly began to target all the remaining Windows XP computers. They knew that Microsoft would no longer correct any newly discovered software vulnerabilities in Windows XP. Therefore, their efforts were rewarded with some long-term chances of successfully infiltrating thousands of PCs across the globe. The business community grumbled but reluctantly replaced all Windows XP computers in order to remain compliant with data protection rules which state that you must take all reasonal steps to keep your data secure. Clearly, an easily hackable Windows XP computer now became an unacceptable high risk to data protection and continuing to run with it was no longer a justifiable option.

Skip forward to the present day, and we're having a little bit of deja vu. Windows 7 owners have until January next year to do exactly the same replacement excercise for all Windows 7 PCs. That's because Microsoft will stop providing security patches for Windows 7 in January 2020.

Your Computer Department's web services just got a boost!

We've always been here for you should you need any assistance with your web site. In fact, Eddie (our MD) has been developing web sites for many of our clients for several years. Well, now our team has a boost. We've just taken on a team of web developers to help us create, update and maintain our stunning web sites.

Do your emails often bounce back as undeliverable?
Do your contacts often find your emails in their spam filter?

If your email system is not configured correctly then your emails may bounce or be filtered out as spam. In a world where we all rely on quick responses, delays due to bounced mail and difficulty finding emails can mean the difference between winning and losing a contract.

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